Describe your 10 characteristics and competencies.Why did you choose these qualities?

Research leadership characteristics.Create a leadership assessment based on 10 leadership characteristics and competencies, and rank them from most to least important.Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper discussing the following:Describe your 10 characteristics and competencies.Why did you choose these qualities?Explain what factors were considered when ranking the qualities.Discuss the 10 traits and whether they are innate or learned.For qualities that are considered innate, develop a plan to enhance the attribute.For learned qualities, develop a plan to train or learn the attribute.Does your competency model apply cross-culturally? Explain your answer.What differences in qualities might be assessed in a cross-cultural leadership?Do these qualities apply to both managers and senior leaders? Explain your response.Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

What are the common causative factors? What does data indicate? What are the effective proven corrective measures?

OSHA has identified four categories of hazards that account for more than 50% of all construction fatalities: Falls (36.5%) Struck by object (10.1%) Electrocutions (8.6%) Caught-in/between (2.5%) The assignment is to write a research paper involving one of these four construction hazard categories. You may narrow your topic down to a more specific type of accident within the major category. For example, under falls, you could focus your research on falls from ladders. When writing the paper, consider the following questions: What are the common causative factors? What does data indicate? What are the effective proven corrective measures? The submission must be a minimum of three pages in length, not including the title page or reference page. A minimum of three scholarly reference sources must be used from the CSU Online Library. Scholarly sources include: peer-reviewed journal articles (Click here to access a webinar outlining peer-reviewed articles.) safety reference books and textbooks, and other publications by safety professionals and organizations (print or online). Note that,,,, and similar broad-based Internet sites are not considered scholarly sources. Use government and professional safety-related sources, such as,,,, and Contact your professor if you have any questions about the validity of a reference source. APA format is required. Be sure to use in-text citations for direct quotes and paraphrased information. Resources The following resource(s) may help you with this assignment.

How do theme of Materialism applies to character or characters in “The necklace”.

Consumerism and materialism rules our world. In Guy De Maupassant “The necklace “.How do theme of Materialism applies to character or characters in “The necklace”.(Materialism is a bad thing. Must be an analysis not just a summary of a short story) My opinion about consumerism with direct and indirect quotations from short story that supports my opinion.

Is Mrs. Law getting the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals for her age and current condition?

Mrs. Law, a 77-year-old female, is at home recovering from a surgery that she had after falling and breaking her hip 5 days ago. She lives with her husband, Dean, who helps to care for her. Mrs. Law is a former smoker and has a past medical history of hypertension and hyperlipidemia. You are the visiting nurse, assigned to check on her postoperative progress. You ask the client how she is feeling, do an assessment, and inquire as to what she has eaten over the past 24 hours. Mrs. Law states that she has “no pep,” no appetite, has been taking her pain medication as prescribed (every 4 hoursbut not real helpful!), cannot sleep well, doesnt feel much like walking except to the bathroom, and has been unable to move her bowels for several days. Breakfast: Two glazed doughnuts, coffee (black) Lunch: Tossed salad with oil and vinegar, diet soda Dinner: Tomato soup, 1 cup; four soda crackers; and red homemade wine Snack: Pretzels, diet soda What nutrients that contribute to bone health are missing in Mrs. Laws diet? What other dietary concerns do you have? Is Mrs. Law getting the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals for her age and current condition? Why or why not? Course: Nutritional Foundations and Clinical Applications Subject: Bone Health minimum 2 sources.

Business and global supply chain

For the paper, pick a topic and do a deep dive in to the subject. The text should not be a resource, bring something new to the table. Keep your research as current as possible. Business changes far too much in a 5 year period. Not all research is done in front of your computer, you can interview experts.The best papers dive into a real world example, but do not do them on where you work. The best papers are future looking and not historical. Put yourself in the role of a consulting, making recommendations for the future and improving results.I don’t mind statistical analysis, pictures, or flow charts to help explain the concepts. The paper should be 10 to 12 solid pages of work. It can be 15 or 20 pages, but I am really looking for content.Here are a few ideas of topics to choose from, pick a company and discuss some of the following topics. You should avoid the obvious ones like Walmart, Amazon etc. that have been well documented.Safety of any modeReverse logistics (recycling and/or returns)A first hand case study of a transportation companyThird party logistics companiesLogistics in e-retailingCollaborative software for supply chain managementBuying and selling logistics servicesThe future of EDI and the internet in supply chain managementThe use of GPS and other technologies in supply chain managementSecurity issues and technology in logisticsProcess reengineering in the supply chainForecasting methods and their effectivenessRFIDCustomsTransportation equipment pools, how they work and their effectivenessWarehouse management systems (software)A first hand case stud of ABC costingLocation theory and practice- Do OneLabor issues for any mode, port or company.Security

The Plaza Inn Research

Use these two perspectives to provide the BEST analysis of the case. 1. Decision-making – how are decisions made? What levels of staff are involved? What information or data is being used, or are decisions made intuitively? What is the effect of this process? Is data being collected and analyzed in a way that helps managers make better decisions? 2. Rewards systems What kind of behavior is being rewarded and is that the kind of behavior that will improve the work? When writing the paper, your interpretation of facts, statements, etc., should be reasonable and objective; don’t rely on generalizations and platitudes. Avoid presenting a one-sided argument that excludes factors not favorable to your conclusions. Above all, find references to support your positions! See “Plaza Inn Case” attachment to view the case. Additional readings (Helpful): Decision-making Group Decision-making Management Decision-making

Workplace gender segregation

For this discussion, you will be discussing the gender make-up of your future (or current) occupation. Go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics webpage that provides data on the gender make-up of various occupations in the U.S.. the occupation that you are or will be working in once you obtain your degree. Make sure to look through the entire list closely and choose which class of the occupation fits best (health care management ) If you are undecided or can’t find your exact occupation, pick one that you think is closest. Make sure you choose the individual occupation data, not the category overall. Once you have selected it, provide the following information:The occupation you choose- healthcare managementThe percentage of female workersWhy you think this is? Is it because one gender is better suited for the occupation? Is it a result of socialization (i.e. men do physical work while women are care givers)? Think nature (biological) vs. nurture (socialization).Would you expect the “minority” gender to experience problems? For example, would a women working as an electrician experience difficulty doing her job because coworkers or customers might not think she is qualified? If you have ever witnessed a situation like this in the workplace, please share.