a one page MEMO about how to reduce the use of plastic bags

A strong report needs to start with a strong topic. This assignment is intended to help you develop that topic for your technical white paper/recommendation report. In one concise memo (approximately 300 words), you should do the following: 1. Identify a problem in need of a solution, and, in a few sentences, clearly articulate the nature of the problem. What do you know about this problem? Why is it worth solving? What are the stakes of this project? 2. Identify the target audience/reader(s) for the recommendation report. Who is the individual or small group/entity that holds the power to actually put your recommendations into action? Be specific. 3. Provide a concise overview of the research methods you think you will use to collect data. Example: MEMORANDUM To: Professor X From: Student Y Subject: Topic Proposal for Recommendation Report The Problem: When people purchase new computers, they might be wondering what to do with the old ones. Current research has shown that some 100 million computers are retired each year in the United States. According to a Tufts University researcher, nearly 75 percent end up in closets, 15 percent go to landfills, and 10 percent are reused or recycled. To protect our environment, UB has also launched computer recycling programs and many students have found such programs very helpful as they can donate their old computers and other digital devices. However, there are very limited programs of computer recycling at UB and many students are not getting full benefits from them. New students even do not know if such programs exist within our campus. This report investigates current computer recycling programs on-campus and recommends more effective programs for UB members for computer recycling. The Audience: This recommendation report will be directed toward Ryan McPherson, the Chief Sustainability Officer at the University at Buffalo. He is the individual who oversees sustainability efforts on campus. Research Methods: I will engage in both primary and secondary research for this project. In terms of secondary research, I will need to compile scholarly sources and reliable news articles that discuss the environmental hazards created by unrecycled electronics and computers. In addition, I will need to find university-sponsored reports that discuss UBs sustainability initiatives, their current success rates, and their plans for improvement. In terms of primary research, I will conduct a survey among UB students, faculty, and staff to gauge their familiarity with the UB computer and electronics recycling program.