A Sustainability Program for Your Organization

The CEO has once again called you up to her office and wishes to explore CSR and sustainability in more depth. In particular, the CEO wishes to have more information on sustainability programs and their development for the organization, so that she may feel more comfortable answering questions from the media about Venus Widgets and the expansion of the company.The CEO has come up with a list of countries as possible target locations of a new plant to build widgets. Your task is to choose only one country as she will assign the other countries to department heads.IndiaBrazilColumbiaZimbabweChadThis week for your project, you will develop a plan to help the organization with its reputation when it comes to providing long-term sustainability.For your plan, please discuss the following:You will need to pay particular attention to the economic and social impact a sustainability plan will have. Use the following outline as a guide to write your plan:1. Make sure you discuss the purpose of the plan and the benefits that would be provided to the company by introducing such a plan.2. Develop a sustainability plan for using water resources from the country you have chosen. This plan should be written with SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time bound).2B.. Be clear about how these goals will contribute to the overall sustainability of the company.3. Create steps to be taken that outline how the organization will achieve these specific sustainability goals.4. Identify those members needed to be part of each step in order to be successful.5. Identify the resources you will need to meet each step.6. Make sure to keep in mind the following key areas as well:-Environmental Support-External and Internal-Funding Strategy-Partnerships-Organizational Capacity-Evaluation and adaptation of the plan-CommunicationYour paper should be a minimum of 4 pages, using proper APA formatting and including at least 3 credible sources cited in your paper through in-text citations. Include an APA formatted title page and reference page. The paper should be free of grammatical errors. Paper should be well thought out; with excellent use of centered Level I headings.