Adjustments to Transitions in Health Care Delivery

This is an essay from 2 pages. Please read bellow the full instruction and do as required. Attached you will find the resources and an example for the work. Assignment: Adjustments to Transitions in Health Care Delivery Consider what youve learned so far about the transition from volume- to value-based reimbursement. Different organizations will respond to the impact of this change in various ways. Based on its actions, an organization may flourish, or it may fail as its reimbursement decreases. As reimbursement methodology changes, institutions must adapt. To prepare for this Assignment: Read Case 5: Middleboro Community Hospital in this weeks Learning Resources, and consider the actions taken by this organization. Review data tables regarding their case mix (top DRGs), Patient Days, and CMS Core Measures. These metrics address both qualitative and quantitative measures in this organization. The Assignment: Write a brief, 2-page executive summary of the impact of the transition from volume-based to value-based health care. Specifically, address how this change in reimbursement methodology impacts operational requirements and how it can be implemented. Recommend at least two adjustments to operations which may position the organization for success under value-based health care. By Day 7 Submit your Assignment.