An analysis of CRM strategy at Diamant Centrum

When opening the file, you can see that chapter 5 of the report is missing. Unfinished, I would say. To give you a better understanding of the report, here is the report structure: Chapter 1 of the report focuses on the organization, introduction to the report, company background, research questions, and research methodology. This will help readers to comprehend the prime objective of this report. Chapter 2 Of this report will highlight the current CRM approach that Diamant Centrum has been undertaking at present. Besides, the researcher will also attempt to analyze the companys CRM approaches in light of their efficiency for the customers and the company as well. Chapter 3 of this report draws relevant findings from the previous section in the form of limitations and drawback of the present CRM systems. Chapter 4 mainly focuses on identifying recommendations and CRM-approaches That can help the organization in improving its CRM system and becoming more competitive in the marketplace. Chapter 5 of the report is mainly focused on contact between the consultants and the company through various face to face interviews followed by the conclusion in chapter 6, with references found at the end of the report. Chapter 5 of the report is missing. I want you to conduct primary research on the report. In the report, you can find an interview. This interview is insufficient and not good enough. Modify the questionnaire and provide better results and answers to the research. Also, hold on to the structure of the other chapters: introduction, findings, conclusion so to say. You are free in how you want to do that as long as you stick to the report structure. Conduct at least three more interviews to write your conclusion of the chapter; you can create your characters for the interview.