Business and global supply chain

For the paper, pick a topic and do a deep dive in to the subject. The text should not be a resource, bring something new to the table. Keep your research as current as possible. Business changes far too much in a 5 year period. Not all research is done in front of your computer, you can interview experts.The best papers dive into a real world example, but do not do them on where you work. The best papers are future looking and not historical. Put yourself in the role of a consulting, making recommendations for the future and improving results.I don’t mind statistical analysis, pictures, or flow charts to help explain the concepts. The paper should be 10 to 12 solid pages of work. It can be 15 or 20 pages, but I am really looking for content.Here are a few ideas of topics to choose from, pick a company and discuss some of the following topics. You should avoid the obvious ones like Walmart, Amazon etc. that have been well documented.Safety of any modeReverse logistics (recycling and/or returns)A first hand case study of a transportation companyThird party logistics companiesLogistics in e-retailingCollaborative software for supply chain managementBuying and selling logistics servicesThe future of EDI and the internet in supply chain managementThe use of GPS and other technologies in supply chain managementSecurity issues and technology in logisticsProcess reengineering in the supply chainForecasting methods and their effectivenessRFIDCustomsTransportation equipment pools, how they work and their effectivenessWarehouse management systems (software)A first hand case stud of ABC costingLocation theory and practice- Do OneLabor issues for any mode, port or company.Security