Business Leadership and decision making

Case Study Analysis Due Date: Sunday 09 June 2019 Weighting: 10% Length: ~ 400-600 words You are required to analyse a case study. You are required to answer a case question. Your paper should focus on the major issues of the case, looking at possible scenarios and solutions to the problems identified. In particular, the case analysis should be linked to theoretical principles, concepts and/or models discussed in the lectures. Case Study: Leadership Behaviors – Consolidated Products (see attached full case) Case Question: 1. Describe and compare the leadership behavior of Ben and Phil. Describe each managers use of specific task and relations behaviors. It is expected that you will use at least 2 academic references. Websites, such as Wikipedia, will not be accepted, other than for providing general details and these will not be counted in the minimum references required. Assessment Criteria Comprehension of theoretical principles/concepts Overall critical Analysis Referencing