CEO salaries/CEOs making too much money compared to others in the company

Format: MLA Length: 1500-2000 words Method: Toulmin Type: Definition or Evaluation Sources: only serious popular or scholarly sources / less than 20% of your essay can be someone else’s voice Assignment Instructions For this assignment, you write an argumentative (persuasive essay) based on an issue that you have chosen, but that I have approved. You must get approval from me for your topic. These topics should be at stasis for your community and must be driven by a thesis. This essay will be structured following the Toulmin model. Your essay must include support from credible sources and have a logical organization. Remember that argumentative essays are meant to persuade someone either to agree with you or to take some sort of action. Your audience is our class and your purpose is to persuade. You must write standard academic English and make no errors of grammar or spelling. You must not plagiarize. You must cite (in-text) and include on a Works Cited page any and all work that you have not created yourself. If you plagiarize, you will receive a failing grade.