Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

When answering the questions please be mindful of these 4 things:1. Includes opinion and analysis of the respective issue, supported by historical fact, examples and independent data. Brief, though in-depth (approximately one page in length). 2. Discuss the topic fully: provide an introduction and context to the material. Do not simply jump into an answer. 3. Offer a clear thesis: In other words, directly and clearly answer the question. Make sure to defend your thesis with supporting information from the textbook. 4. Add your own thoughts and opinions to the narrative. It is crucial to demonstrate an advanced understanding of the topics we cover; thus, you will need to articulate independent thoughts (opinions, comparisons, conclusions, scrutiny, critical thinking). Be sure to support all personal thoughts.The three questions to answer are the following:A. Should all forms expression be protected by the Constitution?B. If both African Americans and women benefit from civil rights, why do Federal courts all them to be treated somehow differently?C. When have we seen Civil Liberties suppressed by the Federal government?