Community Policing & Gang Prevention

Community Policing & Gang Prevention The findings from criminal justice research help us to understand howtheories and concepts can be applied to real-world phenomena. One way to makesuch applications is to review research that explores one or more key conceptsdiscussed in this unit. For this article review, you will need to locate a scholarly, peer-reviewedarticle in the CSU Online Library that examines community policing partnershipsregarding gang control or prevention. The article that you use for thisassignment should be no more than 10 years old. Note: When using the CSU Online Library, there are various databasesthat allow you to check a box that indicates you only want peer-reviewed sources. You will need to make sure you check this box to ensure that thesources you identify for your article review are scholarly, peer-reviewedsources. The article review will need to include the following components: ?a brief discussion of the research studys focus (e.g., purpose forconducting research, research questions and/or hypotheses, methodology); ?a brief summarization of the research studys key findings (e.g.,hypotheses were or were not supported; additional research is needed in aspecific area); and ?a brief discussion of the applicability of the research studys keyfindings to current and future practices in the field of criminal justice. Youmay use your direct experience, information from the textbook, and/orinformation from additional sources to complete this component of thearticle review. Each section of your article review must be clearly labeled using thefollowing section headings: ?Research Focus, ?Research Findings, and ?Research Applications. Note: Each component of the article review should be in your ownwords. No more than 20% of your article review should be a direct quote. Thus,you will need to read the article and rewrite the studys focus (component 1)and key findings (component 2) in your own words. You will have to use yourintellectual creativity to brainstorm how the studys key findings can beapplied to practices in the field of criminal justice (component 3). Therefore,there should be very little need to use direct quotes in your articlereview. Your article review should be a minimum of one double-spaced page.