: Create a data visualizations using a dataviz tool – Find a tool that can create data visualizations.

For this assignment, you will use the dataset chosen by your team in the Module 2 Group Assignment and visualized in the Module 3 Individual Assignment to create 1 chart using Dona Wong’s guidelines for visual form to ensure this graphic expresses rich content, features inviting visualization and demonstrates sophisticated execution.Step 1: Choose the data – Like your Module 3 Individual Assignment, you are free to use any portion (or all of) the dataset chosen by your team in Module 2 to visualize. You are free to base your Group visual on one of the individually-created visualizations or start afresh with a new perspective on the data.Step 2: Create a data visualizations using a dataviz tool – Find a tool that can create data visualizations. The tools could exist on the web or on your computer (e.g., commercially available software that you have installed on your PC). Produce a data visualization using the tool from the data you chose in Step 1. There is no restriction on the visual form used in your graphic.Step 3: Evaluate your visual – Using the McCandless Method, develop a narrative that could be used to effectively present your visual to an audience of stakeholders. Be sure your narrative follows precisely the McCandless Method steps: (1) Introduce the graphic by its name (and its story), (2) Explain the graphic by answering your audience’s questions, (3) State the insight your graphic produces, (4) Offer up examples that support the insight, (5) Tell them why the insight matters to them.Please submit a write-up that includes (1) the visualization tool used to create your graphic, (2) the graphic itself, and (3) the narrative created in Step 3.Consider the following as you create your visual:•This objective of this assignment is NOT to simply choose the best individually-created visual from Module 3; rather, the objective is to create a perfectly executed visual based on Dona Wong’s guidelines using one of your individually-created visuals as a starting point (or creating a new visual altogether)•Test your visual using one of the three testing methods given in this module – the Spartan Test, Peek Test, and the Colleague Test.•Use Dona Wong’s book as a reference guide to ensure your visual adheres to the rules she has detailed