Critical Analysis of Documentary about Juvenile’s Rights OPTION 2: Kids for Cash Analysis Watch the video link in your Week 4 folder about the documentary “Kids for Cash”, and answer the following: 1) What due process rights of the youth were being infringed upon in the documentary (be specific)? 2) What right (from chapter 7) do you think is most important for justice involved youth? Why? (YOU CAN USE THE RIGHT TO COUNSEL as the right) 3) Is it preferable to have a more informal juvenile justice system that looks different from the adult criminal justice system, or to apply the same rights that adults receive to juveniles? Explain your position. This response should be a minimum of 1,200 words (~5 double spaced pages). Citations are not required. However, if you are quoting from the book or article (then cite the author, year and page number using APA style). Review your syllabus for more detail on expectations for the critical analysis assignments.