: Critically analyse the current strategic position of Whirlpool Organisation

Please follow the format questions, note the e.g. of table and figures. Critically evaluate classical approaches to strategy within a national and global context Display a critical awareness of contemporary approaches to strategy Organise complex organisational strategic issues into a coherent business plan Synthesise quantitative and qualitative approaches to strategic issues within a practical context Task 1: Critically analyse the current strategic position of Whirlpool Organisation The analysis should include: An evaluation of the external business environment in which Whirlpool operates A critical assessment of the strategic resource capability of Whirlpool An examination of the extent to which Whirlpool is in strategic fit with its environment Task 2 You are required to make detailed recommendations for ONE aspect of the future strategic direction of Whirlpool. Your recommendations should include: An assessment and review of the feasibility, acceptability and suitability of your ONE aspect of chosen strategic direction (this should include an examination of the financial implications for the organisation) A detailed implementation plan for your chosen ONE aspect of future strategic direction Analytical outline of your proposal for the future strategic direction In both tasks, you should use relevant theories/paradigms reviewed Please use 1.5 spacing