CTE in the NFL and Football

For this assignment, you have to write an argumentative paper of a specific ethical or controversial issue that affects not only individuals and organizations within the sport industry but also carries an impact on society at large. You have ample freedom to choose any topic. Examples of broad themes that you could develop a topic are: deviance and sport, violence in sport, drug use in sport, race issues in sport, gambling, over commercialism, corruption, sport and politics, etc. This assignment is an opportunity to explore a specific controversial issue within the sport industry that you have a particular interest. This assignment is also an exercise of good communication in writing. Therefore, I will expect you to write clearly, articulated, and with substance (see rubric at the end). In this assignment, you must examine not only the topic you choose but also develop an original claim that must be reflected in an argumentative thesis statement (see example below). So, this paper is not about describing or explaining an issue, instead it is about arguing something in regards to that issue. Essay Format and Use of Bibliographic Sources This paper should be approximately 10 pages double-spaced (without including the list of references and the title page). It should be written in A.P.A. style format. Use Arial or Times New Roman size 12 font, one inch margins (top, bottom, left and right), indicate page numbers, add list of references at the end, and include a title page. It is very important you use credible bibliographic sources. There is a lot of questionable or dubious information in the internet. You need to be selective from where you will choose your references. Remember to search the data bases that are available. Your essay should include a MINIMUM of eight (8) references, of which four (4) must be from peer review articles. The remaining four references can be from relevant websites, books, book chapters, and major newspapers like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Sport Illustrated, etc. In-Text Citations, Quotes, Quality of Bibliographic References, and Plagiarism One important part of this assignment is the correct use of in-text citations, quotes, and list of references. In this class, you are required to use the referencing style of the American Psychological Association (A.P.A.). Your essay must include in-text citations of the original bibliographic sources from where specific ideas were taken (paraphrasing). Example of in-text citation when paraphrasing: By the time Berlin was chosen to host the summer Olympic Games, neither Hitler nor the National Socialist Party had an interest in sport (Guttmann, 2001). 4 When using quotes, and your quote was extracted from a document (e.g. a journal or a book chapter) that has page numbers, then you add the exact page numbers and add quotation marks. See example below: similar reactions were taken in the U.S. when a boycott by African-American athletes was announced (Guttmann, 2001, p. 128). If you quote directly from a website where there is no page numbers, then you add the paragraph number from where that quote was extracted. See example below: If there is any doubt in your mind about whats ahead for Sproles and what kind of player hes going to be this season, well, relax just a bit (Spadaro, 2018, para 3). The example above means that quote was located in the 3rd paragraph of a website. To learn more about how to paraphrase and use quotes go to: IMPORTANT: a paper that overuses quotes is NOT acceptable. In this assignment, the maximum number of direct quotes allowed are two (2). Completed Thesis: The life outside the helmet of the athletes that play Americas game has never been more talked about than in todays day in age. The sport of football and specifically the NFL, has always been regarded as an extremely physical and body altering sport. With that being said, all people see and remember are the touchdowns and super bowl wins. In 2017, a study was conducted on the brains of 202 deceased football players with 111 of those players coming from the NFL. In regards to that study, 110 of the brains were found to have chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE. The study was conducted on the brains from all positions, players varying from NFL Hall of Famers to never heard of before players, and players aging from 23 to 89. With the dramatic number of deaths relating to Americas game, it is time to take a deeper look at ways to protect these athletes with more than a paycheck.