Demonstrate your understanding of this framework by applying it to the case of “Ollie’s

The course has been built around the integrating framework of the marketing strategy (MKS). Demonstrate your understanding of this framework by applying it to the case of “Ollie’s” using information from the attached (nearby) article from the current issue of Forbes magazine. What is Ollie’s Marketing Strategy?Note: Where you don’t have evidence to use, you can make reasonable assumptions as long as you clearly indicate that they are assumptions and can justify them (that is a key point of the RMS framework). Be sure to cover ALL the bases of the MKS!SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Upload your file using the link below. Upload a Word .doc or .docx document (not a PDF). If you are using a Mac/iOs application, then copy and paste your text into the text field that will appear. It is similar to creating a discussion board thread. Be sure to format your document carefully with your name and the name of the assignment (and date) at the top. Points deducted if they are omitted.GRADING GUIDELINES: You will be graded on your ability to present your answers in an organized, comprehensive manner. I expect to see each of the components of the MKS (marketing strategy framework) discussed and a suitable degree of integration of concepts discussed thus far in the course. Specifically I expect to see:1. A discussion of Ollie’s situation – in the form of a SWOT. Use the H&R Block discussion board as an example of how to set it up. (Remember, it was provided to you for that discussion board). 12 points2. A two-dimensional discussion of Ollie’s target market. (ie, behavioral and buyer characteristics) 6 points3. A marketing mix that ties the two together. A persuasive case is made that Ollie’s marketing effort is well-designed. (It is!) 16 points4. One point given for professional presentation – no title page necessary but name, date, assignment etc. should appear at top; paper should be formatted nicely, use headers. Single spacing is fine; double spacing is preferred and 1.5 spacing is bestNote: Proof-read!!! points will be deducted for grammar & spelling errors