Describe Peter Singers views that animals deserve moral consideration, and that we thereby ought to refrain from eating most animal products. What is speciesism and why is it wrong? Raise an objection to Singers view and respond to it appropriately.

State and analyze the argument in one of the papers assigned for class this term. Your paper should proceed as follows: 1. ( – pages) In a brief introduction, state the authors position, and state what you will say in the paper about the position. 2. (2 -3pages) Explicate the authors argument. How does she or he supports the premises? How does the conclusion follow from the premises? 3. (2-3pages) State whether or not the argument is sound:3a. If you believe the authors own argument is ultimately successful, discuss the best objection to it, and be clear about what in the authors argument the objection targets. Then show why the objection is not sufficient to reject the conclusion.-or -3b. If you believe the argument is not sound, specify exactly what you take to be wrong with the argument. Is one of the premises false? Is the argument invalid? Then, you should consider how the author might respond to your objection. In light of this, is there any way that the authors position could be modified slightly to overcome your objection, or should the position be given up completely? 4. (0 – pages) In a brief conclusion, summarize the status of the argument. If you do so as part of 3, then you do not need an additional concluding paragraph