Development of a Policy Proposal

You are charged with developing a proposal for a new policy to improve intermediate sanctions. To do so, first identify an issue with a community-based sanction in your area or an area with which you are familiar. This should be an issue where the sanction is less effective than it could be. Provide a detailed summary of this issue and its impact on the surrounding community. Drawing from published research, provide a solution to the problem by developing a proposal for a new policy. Be sure the proposed policy could actually be implemented. Your proposal paper should include: A discussion of the problem with an aspect of community-based intermediate sanctions in your area or an area with which you are familiar. An analysis of how this particular problem is affecting the community and surrounding areas. An overview of the research useful for addressing this problem. A description of the proposed new policy and how it would solve or reduce the problem with community-based intermediate sanctions. An analysis of the primary goal (punishment, supervision, rehabilitation) of your proposed new policy. Assignment Requirements Your policy paper should be 35 pages in length. You should cite and discuss at least three relevant scholarly sources. The assignment should conform to APA style and format.