Discuss the changes in the biomedical communication of human intercourse.

This research essay must not exceed 2,000 words in length. It should be based on research conducted through the course of the semester. It must demonstrate evidence of a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the subject. Students may chose to investigate a question from a list to be supplied by the third week of the course. Alternately, they can devise and investigate a question in consultation with their tutor on an aspect of topics covered in this course that they have found particularly interesting. Your essay will be assessed according to the following criteria: 1. Ability to construct a well-reasoned argument. 2. Depth and breadth of understanding of central issues. 3. Ability to form a well-structured essay. 4. Engagement with academic sources and evidence. 5. Insight and/or creativity in interpreting texts or constructing a point of view or argument. 6. Capacity to produce a coherent and well-written essay using correct grammar and syntax. 7. Appropriately referenced, as per discipline conventions.