Diversity Wheel

For this discussion, you will be sharing with your classmates areas of your life that “define” you in terms of your identity. Follow the directions below:Open the following document: The Diversity Wheel.docRead the introduction at the top of the documentFrom the “wheel” select one primary (interior circle) dimension and one secondary (exterior circle) that you feel have the most impact on your self-image, values, opportunities and experiencesPost your thread explaining which two (one primary and one secondary) dimensions have the most influence on you and why you feel those two areas are most important in this regardNotes:Mental/Physical Abilities and Characteristics in the primary circle refers to be being able-bodied versus with a physical disability or having a learning disability. Learning styles and educational experience/goals should be discussed as education from the secondary circleWork style in the secondary circle refers to working “blue color” versus “white color” jobs, not work ethic