Education Theory Work Based Application

Theory Informed Teaching: Work Based Learning (WBL) Write an academic essay that discusses work-based learning in the context of your own educational practice, including the following considerations: Define and describe work-based learning (WBL). Discuss how this learning approach could be/is appropriate for your students*. Discuss the ways in which a WBL approach could be used/is used to support student learning in your context. Identify and describe one learning theory (as discussed in the first two modules) in relation to how it could be used to inform the development of a WBL approach? Discuss at least one specific strategy that could be implemented to support student learning in a WBL approach based on your chosen theory. A In responding to this assignment task, avoid just describing what you already do; instead, analyse how you could improve your practice, particularly if you already use a version of this approach. Rationale This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s: understand and critically analyse the theories and debates underpinning theories of learning. appreciate the differences between varied approaches to learning and workplace practice. understand the importance of the context in shaping our learning. recognise the situated and social nature of learning and the conditions which maximise and impede learning. critically analyse theoretical concepts of learning in the light of their own educational practice. enhance their educational practice and professional understanding by adapting and applying theoretical processes to their own educational practice. Please provide an overview of your context or the context that you are using as the basis for this assignment within the first page or two of the assignment. Use headings in this assignment (although it is not compulsory). You are required to use APA (6th Ed.) referencing conventions for this assignment.