Ethical Organization Analysis

Please based on the organization Citi bank. I have attached the document creating an ethical cultureEthical Organization AnalysisIn “Creating an Ethical Culture,” Gebler identifies seven levels of an ethical organization. Consider these levels and analyze your current organization (or one for which you worked in the past) in each of these levels. Describe how your organization rates in each of the seven levels in short paragraphs (approximately 100 words each). Include a conclusion summarizing your thoughts and make recommendations for changes that could be made to improve the organization’s performance in these areas. These recommendations should be supported by 4 – 6 current, appropriate references, preferably peer-reviewed. With an introduction and conclusions, the paper should be no less than 1000 words and in APA format.Ethical Organization Analysis RubricAssessment Criteria Exceeds ExpectationsContent Paper addresses all seven levels of an ethical organization fully and presents specific examples of each.Analysis is thoughtful, thorough, linked to course concepts, and demonstrates critical thinking.Introduction and conclusion are complete, and recommendations go beyond what is obvious in the course materials.Assignment meets required length and includes several current, appropriate references, some of which are peer-reviewed.Citation issues: NoneQuality of Writing Writing and organization is consistently of outstanding quality. Flawless presentation. No spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors. Assignment is completely in APA format.Overall EffortWritten work clearly demonstrates exemplary effort and shows significant initiative, creativity, and original thought.