Ethics Evaluation

CIS 4375 Ethics Evaluation AssignmentYou are to evaluate and compare and contrast ACM’s 2018 Code of Ethics with one other Code of Ethics from two of these IT related Professional Associations:Association of IT Professionals (AITP)Institute of Electrical and Electronics EngineersThe corresponding web links will take you to their Code of Ethics: need to compare the latest version of the ACM’s Code of Ethics with another Code of Ethics either from IEEE or AITP. In the paper you need to identify if the items within each Code of Ethics are similar and if so, show how they correlate to each other. If a particular item appears in one Code of Ethics but not in another, then describe whether or not you think this item is a valid item within your own sense of an appropriate IT Code of Ethics.Finally you also have to pick one item with the Code of Ethics and give an example of how you had to apply this within your own work on a job or during your academic career. FAILURE to do so will result in the reduction of points from your grade.Your findings need to be placed within a Word document and brought to class. You will also need to post your findings within the Assignment Drop Box on Blackboard Learn.REMEMBER – You must also document any and all references as well. FAILURE to do so will result in the reduction of points from your grade.