Ethnography of Corporate Culture

Please provide a comprehensive review of your selected question listing: the major critical aspects, theories, significance and application of each question. Your answer content must provide a theoretical basis, review of tools, techniques, methods, and procedures covering relevant applications, examples, and inclusions of critical thinking as appropriate. Your answer must demonstrate a complete knowledge of the subject and provide both factual significance and meaningful application of the concepts of the question topic. Requisites include graduate level content with cited references in APA compliant style. Your response to each question should be focused and no longer that 5 pages per response (not including references page). 4) Ethnography of Corporate Culture Evaluate the overall importance of cultural influences within an organization providing examples and critical concepts for the various attributes of organizational culture in a company. Compare differing cultures, providing examples, that demonstrate the various cultural types and how these cultural differences can and do affect organizational performance. Assess the uses of ethnographic research in the development of improved segmentation schemes and how these segmented market delineations offer more precise strategic direction for companies seeking to build new revenue streams. Predict the evolutionary changes in the ethnographic research, what impact it will have on future business models, what trends will prevail for new product designs, and what impacts companies will experience applying cultural design to the operation of their companies both domestic and internationally.