Explain what a short story is, and show that your chosen story fulfills this definition.

To complete this part of the project, first, select any short story from belowChekov, A. (1889). The bet. East of the Web short stories.Yiyun, L. (2014, March 10). A sheltered woman. The New YorkerPushkin, A. (1834). The queen of spades. The Literature Network.Russ, J. When it changed. Again, dangerous visions, edited by Harlan Ellison, 1972.Lidudumalingani. Memories we lost. Incredible journey: Stories that move you, Burnet Media, South Africa, 2015, pp. 92-103.Next, write a 4 FULL PAGE essay using at least four (4) secondary sources in addition to your chosen short story, in which you do the following:1.Explain why it is a short story. Explain what a short story is, and show that your chosen story fulfills this definition. You may use your own definition or one from an outside source, or combine definitions from several sources.2.Analyze how all elements of the story work. Analyze the story’s theme, how it is structured, how the plot works, how the people in the story are characterized, and the roles setting and point of view play. Style and symbolism should also be discussed if they play a major role. This analysis should explain how all of these elements work together (How plot works with theme—or against it, how point of view and character relate, and so on.)3.Evaluate the shortstory.Tips:Make an argument for how well the story works, and how good it is. This part of the assignment does not make any assumptions about quality. You could argue your chosen story is great, good, mediocre, or actively bad. You will need to show the criteria you’re using to make this judgment, and support your pointsAll points in the essay should be supported by evidence. This evidence should come from two places: examples from the story itself, and credible outside sources. These sources can vary according to the nature of your argument. You might find it useful to include either scholars’ or short story writers’ definitions of the short story, or to incorporate literary criticism on the story you’re analyzing. You might use criticism of this author, this story, or this genre. You might find it useful to include more general discussions of broader categories, like how plot should work in a short story. Any of this is fine: choose the best sources you can find to make an insightful, persuasive argument that explains why your chosen narrative is a story, analyzing how it works, and evaluating it for qualityRequirements: Four Full PagesInclude a specific title that hooks reader interest.Provide a clearly defined introduction and a focused thesis. The body of the paper should be well-organized, and should support that thesis.Close the paper with a clearly defined conclusion.Format the paper in APA, and provide citations and a reference list for all outside sources used.