Family and illness

The general outline of your paper should be as follows (Note: APA headings can be very helpful in this paper): Introduction/Rationale (1 page): Set up your given topic, as well as answer the question of why we should care. Make sure that you have a clear thesis statement, as well as a preview of the rest of the paper. Overview of Themes (3-4 pages): Out of your 10 sources, you should have 2-4 MAIN findings on your topic. Note that each theme should find support from multiple sources, so if you are only citing one article in a given theme, I will remove points from your paper. Directions for Future Research (1 page): Based on your knowledge of the literature, discuss 2-3 main points about where scholars need to examine this topic in the future. That might mean that one of your main points looks at practical applications, while another looks at a large gap in the research. This section is more based on your opinion, but your arguments need to be supported by the literature you previously reviewed. Conclusion (1/2 page): Briefly summarize and conclude the goal of the paper. Note: Paper needs to be in APA format, meaning an APA title page and a References page at the end. You do not need a formal abstract for the paper. Go to Purdue OWL for help with APA formatting.