Financial and Project Analysis

This coursework requires the preparation of four (4) spreadsheets and an interpretation of some of the features that they produce. These are all based upon a proposed project of a mine proposal for which two alternative depreciation methods are to be considered, both of which are understood to be acceptable for tax calculation purposes. Therefore two spreadsheets are required to illustrate the results of these two methods. Following this initial exercise, the management of the company decided that the initial assumptions are to be reconsidered, in two stages: a. Theannual production is revised, requiring Spreadsheet 3. An explanation of the results is required. b. Spreadsheet 3 is then revised to illustrate the impact of a further option, that is, a new depreciation method, to produce spreadsheet 4. This further change is to be explained. For coursework details please see the uploaded ” F&PA DL Coursework 2013-2014.pdf”. Uploaded as well are the study materials for this course for your reference. I didn’t know how many pages to order because there will be spreadsheets, so I asked the customer service online chat and they answered: While filling in the order form, please choose 1 page double-spaced for 275 words and indicate the rest of the instructions in Paper details section Please let me know how many pages there will be so can adjust the order