Formative Assessment and Descriptive feedback

Formative assessment is a critical component in the learning process. Learn how digital tools can be used to help you easily incorporate formative assessment into your classrooms. The video gives you a good definition of formative assessment. After watching the video look at the dig deeper section for more information on formative assessments. Formative assessment is continuous, evaluative, constructive. Too often teachers resort to catch phrases like ‘good job,’ ‘well done,’ ‘awesome’ and some of that is fine but it simply makes the student feel good about what they have accomplished, it is not pedagogy.CTRL Click(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Chuck Holland Ted Ed (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Watch the video above.In the video Chuck Holland talks of “descriptive feedback. “Assignment:Research peer reviewed or professional videos showing examples of formative assessment using descriptive feedback. Choose videos from Ted Ed, YouTube, or any other source.View and select three videos.Provide the website for each videoProvide a short summary for each video. In your summary:Conclude with something specific you learned from the videoHow it may benefit you as a teacher.Include in your summary – how the video addresses the needs of Language Learners (LL) and/or students with Special Needs (SPED).Template must be used for this assignment.104 Narrative Video template.docxPreview the document