Future career problem of an EMT/PARAMEDIC

EMT/PARAMEDIC EMS Every career comes with some challenges. These are the challenges that will shape your work experience, but which will also give you the skills and experience to help you be more successful and could lead to a leadership role. This project will help you to understand what issues are being faced in your career path and through research, how you could create a solution to solve the problem/issue. Objective: You will identify and research a problem that someone in your future career faces and develop a viable solution that will help solve this problem for yourself and others in the field. Your finished project will include written and presentation components. Guiding Questions: What is the problem? Why is it a problem? Why is solving this problem important to this career field? What are the challenges of solving this problem? What are some possible solutions, both unsuccessful and successful, to this problem? What logistics need to be considered in solving this problem (i.e., budget, time constraints, external factors, etc.)? *Future problem for EMT/PARAMEDICS