Global Business Strategic Management

Please provide a comprehensive review of your selected question listing: the major critical aspects, theories, significance and application of each question. Your answer content must provide a theoretical basis, review of tools, techniques, methods, and procedures covering relevant applications, examples, and inclusions of critical thinking as appropriate. Your answer must demonstrate a complete knowledge of the subject and provide both factual significance and meaningful application of the concepts of the question topic. Requisites include graduate level content with cited references in APA compliant style. Your response to each question should be focused and no longer that 5 pages per response (not including references page). 3) Global Business Strategic Management International business has accelerated significantly over the past decade, assess the global phenomenon comparing the pre and post evolutionary changes critiquing various milestones that have caused and accelerated the new global age. Justify why more companies are moving out of their domestic markets to establish overseas business operations listing both reasons and explanations for such decisions. Critique the Hofstede cultural dimensions, the importance of these concepts and the applications used in global strategies comparing the Globe dimensions to create new products, develop new markets, establish import and export strategies and evaluate best logistic and lower cost operational opportunities. Evaluate how environmental analysis is critical to the segmentation strategies used in comparing various global locations for best multinational partnerships. Compare best international attributes when deciding what characteristics fit specific choices for alliance with an international partner providing a list of attributes and reasons why these attributes are best for a specific criterion. Appraise and evaluate what are the critical economic imperatives managers must consider in the selection of a global strategy including financial implications affecting profitability of the enterprise.