Health Informatics Trends Health informatics companies. 1. Review Three (3) health informatics company websites. 2. Create an assignment that looks at trends in the health care industry. 3. This assignment should include the following: o EXECUTIVE SUMMARY your summary of the national picture, you might what to write this LAST! The Executive Summary should Summarize what the assignment is about, The main points, the key findings, etc. Write it concisely (2 paragraphs.4-6 complete sentences per paragraph). The best way to do this is to think about how you would explain the material to someone when all you have is 2-3 minutes and you want to make sure you can highlight the most important details while still showing your complete knowledge of the materials. o List and describe three (3) health informatics/ new technology websites that you believe will influence the Healthcare industry. (1-2 sentences per description). o Choose one (1) of the (3) health informatics websites and Fully discuss with facts and details how it will revolutionize the healthcare industry. (Min. 1 paragraph, 4-6 complete sentences). o Discuss some of the dangers of the technology. (Min. 1 paragraph, 4-6 complete sentences). o References (APA style): Three (3) reference required. 4. Format (APA format required): The assignment should be typed out on a word document in APA format. Each paragraph should consist 4-6 complete sentences. 12 font size should be used, font names that should be used are Times New Roman or Cambria (not both), normal margins (no more than 1 inch), double spaced, indentation, etc. Title and References pages are required. Health Informatics Trends Grading Rubric