Heroes and Villains

Overview: The proposal should identify the specific, final research question that you determine based on your initial exploration/research. Your proposal should discuss your ideas and thinking but should be a more finely tuned presentation of the question your research will explore. You will need to include: Your research question with some context. What is it about this question that interests you? How is it relevant to our culture/world? To who/whom? A timeline; when will you conduct your observation(s) and interview(s)? By which point will you have completed research for secondary sources? A description of your audience and the name of publication (with a URL, if relevant) for which your essay might be appropriate. A bibliography of the work you have so far completed. Length: 1-2 pages Format: 1 inch margins Times New Roman font, 12 point If you choose a different font, it should look approximately the same as Times New Roman Final Form: Reread the assignment sheet to be sure you have not forgotten anything. Do a final, close proofreading of your finished draft to be sure margins, style, formatting, and headers are correct.