How are the two selections connected? What does each say about humans’place within the natural world?

Directions: Respond to the assignment below. Be as clear as possible with your responses. Besure to use textual support from the text you read, which will involve accessing several Websites that are provided below.This essay is worth 50 points and the expected length is 3-5 pages.In the last lesson, you explored the philosophical movement of Transcendentalism, whichattempts to understand the presence of humans on the earth, what their purpose for life ishow they should react in the world, and how they should interact with their natural resources.These are universal themes for all of humanity. These profound ideas were put forth to try tomake sense of the social and political structures of civilizations as humans questioned whattheir role was as members of society. Self-reflection was encouraged as humans wanted tograsp what it meant to be an individual and what responsibilities were thereby assigned.Keeping this in mind, further explore two of the most famous American writers who ever lived.These writers and the artist below are very important to American history and artistic tradition.Step 1: Please review the links provided below and choose ONE excerpt to discuss within yourpaper. Which piece best addresses the topic and answers the accompanying questions? As youdiscuss your points, please include three quotes from your chosen piece to illustrate youranalysis. (You may access these pieces through the links provided in Lesson 10 under“Multimedia Resources.”)Ralph Waldo Emerson – Nature (Chapter 1)Ralph Waldo Emerson- from Self-RelianceHenry David Thoreau – from Walden (Chapter 2)Henry David Thoreau – from Life Without PrincipleStep 2: Access this painting called Kindred Spirits by American artist Asher Durand.Topic for the paper: How are the two selections connected? What does each say about humans’place within the natural world? Each artist has a message here, and although they are conveyedin different forms of art, the theme is similar. How so? Reflect on some of the issues raised inthis course to start your brainstorming on humans’ view of nature concerning such topics asconservation, sustainability, and deforestation. Apply these concepts to the writing and art.How are these issues relevant in today’s world? Do you have any solutions as a citizen? Whatcan you do as an individual? Think about these things as you compose your paper