How can your business benefit from Artificial Intelligence (machine learning)?

Topic: How can your business benefit from Artificial Intelligence (machine learning)? Standpoint: It is clear that with the on going innovation in the business sector, artificial intelligence is changing the way businesses operate. Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a new driving force for global economic development. Companies can benefit massively from AI. Paragraph 1 starts with a narrative hook and proceeds to preview the main ideas that will be developed later to support the thesis. The previewing of these ideas creates a context for stating the thesis of the paper. Paragraph 1 ends with a clear thesis statement. Paragraph 2 discusses the first argument in support of the thesis. Paragraph 3 discusses the second argument in support the thesis. Paragraph 4 discusses a counterargument to the thesis and then makes an appropriate rebuttal. This rebuttal can then evolve into the 3rd main argument in support of the thesis or the student may start a new paragraph and present their last argument (3rd/4th) which supports their thesis. Conclusion restates the thesis, and summarizes ideas presented in the paper and writes an effective conclusion (should contain a memorable ending). NEED 5 to 6 Sources, here are 2 sources that need to be used: Brynjolfsson, E., & McCafee, A. (2017). What it can – and cannot – do for your organization. Hardvard Business Review. Retrieved from Cai, Y., Luo, J., & Meng, Q. (2018). Analysis of the Impact of Artificial Intelligence Application on the Development of Accounting Industry. Open Journal Of Business And Management, (6), 850-856. Retrieved from