How consumers engaged with athleisure brand PUMA promoted through celebrity endorser Rihanna: the impact of authenticity in celebrity endorsements on consumer purchase intentions

The aim should be to build on previous research with the use of a real brand (Fenty PUMA) and celebrity endorser (Rihanna) to further understand the influencing factors of authenticity and its effects on consumer purchasing behavior/intentions It should include the following: Abstract List of figures List of Tables Introduction Literature Review: Celebrity Endorsements Authenticity Consumer purchasing behavior/intentions, Celebrity Endorsements, Authenticity, Consumer purchasing behavior/intentions Conclusion Methodology and data collection: Qualitative interviews ( sample size of 20, respondents must follow rihanna on social media with a mix of those that have purchased fenty puma and haven’t) Means End approach using laddering Case study design Data analysis and findings Discussion and implications Conclusion and critique References Bibliography Appendices