Assignment Overview Signature Assignment: Body of Knowledge, Introduced Level In this assignment your body of knowledge will be assessed at the introduced level. Knowledge will be further assessed at the emphasized level. Assignment Read The King Company Background and Human Resource Development to review information on the company. Address the following questions in an essay format which includes an introduction and conclusion (not a Q & A format): As an HR consultant, design a process you would follow to analyze what changes are needed in HRD procedures, policies, and practices to improve the development of employees. Discuss the process you would follow and why you selected those process steps. Be sure to bring in what you have learned from your change management, internal consulting, and organizational development readings. Provide private-sector employer examples of HRM programs, systems, processes, and/or procedures as you address the assignment requirements. Provide names of the employers. Use different employer examples in this course than what have been used previously in your other papers and courses. Utilize information from at least 2 sources from below to help strengthen and validate your discussion. Paper length: 4 pages (not counting the cover and reference pages). Historical DATA is attached Crossman, D. (2016, October 29). Simon Sinek on millennials in the workplace [Video file]. Retrieved from Role of internal consultants in managing change. (2016). Retrieved from Zaballero, A. G., Corn, C. M., Haynes, C., Rothwell, W. J., Anderson, C. S., & Park, C. H. (2015). Organization development fundamentals: Managing strategic change. Alexandria, VA: Association for Talent Development. Coping with workplace change. (2016). Vitality, (2). Retrieved from Kotters 8-Step Change Model: Implementing change powerfully and successfully. (2016). Retrieved from Schraeder, M., & Jordan, M. (2011). Managing performance: A practical perspective on managing employee performance. The Journal for Quality and Participation, 34(2), 4-10. Strategies for coping with workplace change. (2017). Dartmouth College Faculty/Employee Assistance Program. Retrieved from McMillan, D. (2012, September 12). Life after death by PowerPoint [Video file]. Retrieved from Wienot Films. (2011, May 9). How to give an awesome PowerPoint presentation [Video file]. Retrieved from