Infraspecific and interspecific competition in plant

First of all I am an international student so please try to use easy vocabulary!-Everything is described in the uploaded files for the experiment and the write up part for the lab report, just a brief introduction then the method part which is described in “two pictures in the uploaded files”, and result part from the data collected in the excel file, then the last part is the discussion.-there is three options for writing the analysis in the lab description in “plant competition S19 part 2” and I want the second option which is: 2. Examine just inter-specific competition: for either mustard or radish – compare your chosenspecies when grown alone vs when mixed with the other species: using plant height and one ofthe other variables.-also all the data collected from the experiment are in the excel file.-the “prelab plant competition to post” file is just for extra info and details about the experiment.