Interdisciplinary Community Health Assisgnment: Teenage Pregnancy in Las Vegas

Step 1: Select one professional individual in the community to interview• Choose one professional to interview pertaining to teenage pregnancy in Las Vegas (e.g. social worker, community health worker, home health nurses, physical therapist, respiratory therapist, religious leader, or police officer, etc.)• Prepare open-ended questions to encourage dialog with the interviewee regarding teenage pregnancy in Las Vegas• Interview this individual regarding the identified health issue from an interdisciplinary health perspective• Obtain CV/Resume to be submitted with the final paper for the intervieweeStep 2: Explore how the problem impacts individuals, families, communities or populations:• Explore how teenage pregnancy in Las Vegas impacts children, adolescents and older adultsStep 3: Determine best practices and necessary adaptations for the different populations• Utilize the interview to determine specific best practice(s) to address the identified community problem• Consider children, adolescents and older adults• Identify resources available to formulate a prevention plan for teenage pregnancyStep 4: Compose a paper:• 3-5 page APA paper plus cover page and reference page as well as the CV/resume/bio of each interviewee• Include 3-5 references• APA formatting with title page and reference page.