Is Implicit Bias Training Effective?

Due to the Starbuck’s scandal, the company closed all stores for one day to conduct “Implicit Bias Training”. Due to the social climate today, do you think it will work? Why or why not. “Through the development of more positive organizational cultures that would support the effective development of a more diverse workforce, many companies and consulting firms began to offer training programs aimed at valuing diversity. Martin, G. (2014). Effects of cultural diversity in the workplace. Journal of Diversity Management, 9(2), 89. In this article, the author notated the positive effects of employees belonging to different cultures. The result of having different ways of thinking and can further analyze a matter at hand from a variety of perspectives. Diversity helps in the expansion of an organization’s viewpoint, method, strategic tactics, the launch of a new product, development of a marketing plan, the creation of a new idea, design of a new operation, and assessment of emerging trends. Research attested it was no longer about the numbers, but rather how an organization treats its people genuinely down to the origins of its business model. Companies must take a long term strategic approach to involve diverse talent and their role in the global marketplace. Diversity is much more than just a multicultural issue. The authors determined that embracing many different types of people, who stand for different things and represent different cultures will benefit an organization in the long run.