Jesus as Deity

Theology Paper Directions Students will write a paper describing one of the three doctrines listed here (Jesus as Deity, the Holy Spirit or Eternal Life) as described/developed by John. Only focus on this doctrine as described/developed by John. The majority of the content and use of Scripture must come from what Johns Gospel says about the doctrine chosen. The paper must contain at least 5 full pages of content (not including title page or bibliography) and must be double-spaced. In addition to an introduction and conclusion, students must reference the Bible, the Kostenberger and Morris textbooks, and at least two outside sources. Proper reference and citation (2-3 per page) of the two textbooks, and at least two outside sources is a must. Failure to cite quotations will result in a failing grade. In addition, they must follow Turabian style. Books that must be used: Jesus is the Christ Studies in the Theology of John by Leon Morris Encountering John: The Gospel in Historical, Kiterary, and Theological Perspective by Andreas J Kostenberger