Leadership profile and development

In general, students will take the StrengthFinders inventory and develop a portfolio for professional development and deployment of identified strengths. This aspect will focus on interprofessional leadership and working within a health care team. Assignment Instructions: Students will explore a variety of resources and sample development plans to settle on one idea that fits best with their goals and styles. Prepare a comprehensive work product to fully demonstrate your personal assessment, goals, and steps to enhance your leadership style. Be sure that you consider goals that are S.M.A.R.T. This development plan is intended to be a gift to you and used over time to update as your goals change. Evaluation of your project will be strongly weighted on your reflection and assessment in the context of your professional goals. Writing conventions, incorporating evidence-based theory, and synthesis of new ideas will be a part of the overall presentation and grading. Begin your project by completing at least one self-assessment instrument. The course textbook adds other ways to self-reflect and determines ideas about your leadership style. The strongest result will incorporate a few different perspectives. For example, using StrengthFinders and personality traits may help you locate areas that you want to focus on for both short term and long term goals. Prepare a written report at least 4 pages in length using AMA writing styles to compile your leadership profile and development plan. At a minimum, your project should include: Introduction overview of the project/outline of your paper SWOT analysis of your personal assessment and implications in current practice Discussion of the IPC Competency Domains and how they specifically relate to you Goals: short term, mid range, and long term In addressing goals, what will you do to achieve them? How much time will you give yourself? How will you measure success? What support and resources will you need? When will this be done by? (Format of this section may be ideal through the use of tables or similar formatting tools.) Future vision: articulate your personal mission statement and how do you see yourself translating all this good work into the interprofessional practice of nutrition?