“Making an Investment in a Foreign Market”

As executive VP of multi-national operations (see The Fortune 2016 Global 500 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.), you are responsible for deciding to enter a new foreign market. One of your major competitors is already there. For this essay and using content from our first 7 modules (in 5-7 pages) Select an enterprise that has multinational operations. Assume you are the EVP of multi-national operations for that company. (Do not use retail based industries, e.g. Walmart etc. Use a capital-intensive industry) Select a country you want to enter Select one of your company’s competitors in the same market Using the VRIO framework, explain the following: Why should you enter that market? What criteria as discussed in our module/units have you used to justify your foreign direct investment in that country? Cite text and outside references. Use MLA or APA format.