Media, Culture and the creative industries

Summary This assignment builds on your learning from the class workshop tasks, seminars and lectures. You will need to apply the taught content of the module to your work. Assignment Description Working individually, select a current or proposed creative media franchise, individual, or artefact to analyse and evaluate. Assess your choice against the elements discussed in the module. Learning Outcomes Assessed by this Assignment This assignment assesses the following module learning outcomes: You should consider your choice carefully, so you can consider the following aspects in your assignment. 1. 2. 3. Where has this project originated? What social, political, economic, cultural and historical factors can you identify that inspired its creation or the creation of some of its elements? Evaluate the successful of this project, or its lack of success. Ident as to why it has or hasnt succeeded. i fy evidencebased reasons Assess the opportunities for creativity in your choice, from the inception of the idea, to the opportunities afforded to readers, participators, audiences, viewers, or users. How is this crea tivity organised and structured? 4. 5. Identify and define the relationship between creativity and commercial opportunity within your chosen focus. How are participators encouraged to develop content? Who benefits from that content development? How? What theoretical underpinning, from the module content, can you make use of to explain the creative processes at work in your chosen study? You should agree your choice for this assignment with your tutor. Please be aware, you can choose to assess your own creative practice. This assignment accounts for 100% of this modules marks. Learning Objective Description LO1: Describe the interplay of social, political, economic, cultural and historical factors in the context of the cr Assessed in this assignment? [YES] eative industries and creative practice. LO2: Illustrate the historical and theoretical frameworks related to the creative industries. LO3: [YES] Describe the conceptual debates around the definition of creativity and the creative industries. LO4: Identify some of the tensions and possibilities in the relation between commerce and creativity, and the related issues in creative labour. [YES] [YES] Ethics The ethical issues associated with this brief will be covered on the module. you will carry out on this module does not However, t he work that require you to obtain ethical clearance for your individual project. If, during discussion with your module tutor, it is felt that ethical clearance is needed, you will be advised of the process and t he deadline for obtaining that clearance. obtained by the deadline, then If clearance is not you will not be able to proceed with the project. If you do so without clearance, the project will not disciplinary penalties . be accepted for submission, For full details of the Universitys policy on ethics, please will not be marked click The CU Ethics portal can be found What You Need to Deliver You must submit the following: 1 x 1500here. word essay via the Turnitin submission point.