Missoula : Krakauer, Jon. 2016. Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town.

You will complete three analytical response papers on the following books: Evicted; Missoula; and Bad Boys. These responses are due on the date noted below. They should be approximately 2 pages (single spaced or the equivalent double-spaced). Please organize your reading schedule accordingly. As you write your papers, I encourage you to keep the following in mind: What is the main argument/contribution? What sociological questions does the reading raise? How does the reading connect the reading to broader course issues (including other readings and lecture material)? How does the book advance your sociological thinking? How does the book challenge your assumptions? How does this book challenge you to think differently about social inequality(-ies)? The goal of these papers is to have you think critically about the text and social inequalities, generally. I have provided prompts for each of the papers you are required to answer the prompt in the completion of your essay. I expect you to cite sources/texts appropriately failure to do so will affect your grade. Aspects I will be paying special attention to: (1.) Your understanding of the text; (2) Your analysis of the text in answering the prompt; (3) Your incorporation and connection of lecture material to the readings within your paper. Prompt for A/R#2: Missoula How is gender inequality institutionalized within the text, Missoula? Give specific examples from the text.