Numerical conversion in remote transmission & datatel telemetry

1)introduction to the ADC ,the main topics:the need of sampling (theorem),Fast Fourier transform,Nyquist sampling rate,SNR,THD,alising effect,quantization and how uniform quantization can impact the performance,pulse code modulation (PCM) ,line coding (& everything the writer expert/my thesis supervisor deems it necessary 2)data acquisition and transmission systmes (all block scheme components):oscilloscope,FFT & Hilbert transform of an vibration signal i have (it is in the hilbert1.xls atachement)&another signal writer may acquire 3)Datatel Telemetry used for turbines testing (I have some data about the turbines & datatel system parameters Ansaldo Energia S.P.A uses) 4)conclusion, if the writer expert thinks to organize differently ,it’s ok for me,what matters is to upgrade one another each step