Nursing The World

The Disciplinary Literacy Project is a formal essay in which you or research your major and discover some of the insider languages, thinking, assumptions, practices (literacy) of the field. Your essay should be about something that most do not realize about your field, and the best essays describe aspects of their future professions that only people who work in the field know. Your view of the field should be informed by the reading of the course. How does your field relate to the realities you have read about? Talk about the nursing field I have a list of sources that need to be incorporated into the essay which I will upload a file of.PLEASE do not use the word “i” within this essay.The paper must include:Analysis and citation from of one recent a trade publication (see footnote on how to find these)Analysis and citation from of one scholarly article (see footnote on how to find these)Analysis of a “survey” of interviews about your discipline (ask a group of people what they think about the field)Analysis and citation from of some other professional aspect of your field (find a professional blog, attend a workshop or conference, interview a professional in the field, watch podcasts about the profession, etc.).I am uploading a list of the sources that need to be in the essay!