One God, Many Forms? (Hinduism)

Introduction From the information on Hinduism, found in your textbook and in the corresponding lecture, you should now know about the Hindu belief that all gods or ultimate concerns are just incarnations of their god, Brahma(n). Therefore, the Hindu believes that any path to Brahma(n) is acceptable. The Prompt Respond to the following question in the discussion forum link below. Because of the belief that all paths to Brahma(n) are acceptable, Hinduism traditionally (though some extremist groups within Hinduism violently reject all other religions) teaches that all other faiths are really just a form of Hinduism. For example, they would think that a practicing Muslim, Christian, or Jew would really be Hindu and would be worshiping a form of Brahma(n). What do you think about this concept? Specifications A thoughtful response might consider the following questions, along with any others that may occur to you: Do you think it is possible to be a believer in two different monotheistic faiths or do you think this is a form of syncretism mentioned at the end of Chapter One in your textbook? Would it be possible for a believer in another monotheistic religion, such as Islam or Christianity, to consider himself a Hindu? If not, do you think it is appropriate for a Hindu to consider a practitioner of another faith Hindu if that person himself does not believe that he is worshipping Brahman?