Opportunity Analysis Segment

Analysis must be about a hair salon, live in Charleston SC for Industry analysis. Must be in this form:(1) Industry AnalysisComplete an analysis of the industry. The analysis should include at least national and local analysis . You need to research this area in order to provide adequate information.(2) Environmental AnalysisComplete an environmental analysis which is to include an analysis of the current and future economic conditions.A SWAT analysis must be done in this area as well.(3) Competitive AnalysisComplete a competitive analysis which is to include current and future competitors. Also include:The Six Factors of Competitive AdvantageQuality. Can you provide higher quality than competing businesses?Price. Can you offer a lower price on a sustained basis than your competition, or does your higher price reflect quality and/or uniqueness?Location. Can you find a more convenient location for customers?Selection. Can you provide a wider range of choices than your competitors can?Service. Can you provide better, more personalized customer service?Speed/turnaround. Can you deliver your product/service more quickly than the competition?