****This assignment is the draft, after submitting and getting feedback sent, then you can do the final draft.**** LEADERSHIP PROJECT: VITAL – YOU MUST INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING SECTIONS. EACH SECTION IS WORTH 10 POINTS. 1) GOAL – What do you intend to achieve with the project? What is your target? 2) TEAM PLAN – Who did you lead? How did you carry out the project? 3) INSIGHT – What did you learn? What did others learn? 4) GROWTH – How did you grow as a leader while conducting this project? How did the team members improve or grow? 5) LEADERSHIP LESSONS – What suggestions can you offer to others who are striving to become better leaders? How were people changed or impacted? This is a project which requires you to plan ahead. You decide what you want to do and how you will achieve it. You may choose to work on this individually or with a partner, but the key is that you enlist other people to actually do the work and you serve as the project leader. The main constraint is that the project must in some way be related to making a difference via leadership. You must submit an explanation and draft outline of your project for approval. Think of a topic from the course and turn it into a project. Develop a service project, enlist others, and participate and complete your plan Get involved and take action within the university, community, or an organization with a NEW effort to create a change you want to see take place. You must volunteer to be the leader in the project. Deliverables: You will present: 1) A power point presentation (10-15 slides) presented with speaking notes for each slide This project is designed to help you assimilate the many topics, discussions, and presentations you have engaged in during the entire semester. You should put your best effort into this project and finish strong. This project may NOT be related to any assignment from another course. This is a unique project for this course only.