Personal Narrative

A Personal Essay: Writing about the Self and Travel 750-1,000 word approx. For this assignment, you will write a personal essay, written from your own close point of view (POV). Most likely, this means writing in the first person, although there are some creative ways to write about yourself in the third or even second person if youre feeling like something less traditional in its format. You may choose your topic, but it should somehow have some context and connection to travel. Make sure that its a topic you have personal experience with so you can write with some great detail and perspective. This assignment will be much more focused on your personal experiences with your chosen topic. *Please note: this does not mean you are required to reveal something deeply personal about yourself you simply need to write deeply about a topic from a personal perspective. Once more, try to focus on a distinct personal style as you write. Our course readings about travel and the Moodle discussions will guide you with this assignment as you seek to find a personal perspective on travel and components of travel. The overarching criteria will be: ? Unity: The essay establishes a topic and stays true to the primary argument. The argument doesnt have to be explicit (there doesnt necessarily have to be a perfectly clear thesis statement in the opening paragraph) but by the end of the essay, the argument should be clear and the essay should have supported it (although small tangents are perfectly acceptable if they serve the style, the theme or the argument). Basically, this just means you had a reason to share this story; there is something important to you that you are trying to communicate. ? Language & Personal Style: The essay will adopt a specific style, and develop it consistently throughout. ? Coherence and Sentence Skills: The paper employs effective organization and transition phrases/words to move smoothly from one idea to the next. The paper is well-organized overall and well-crafted at the sentence level, with care taken to use clear, specific language. Grammatical mistakes have been identified and eliminated utilizing whatever strategies and assistance is necessary. *This should be submitted in MLA format.