Pharmcovigilance/drug promotion in the United States

Use as many claims as you would like. Each claim should use case law to support your argument. Do not do a case dump at the end of each claim or your paper. The cases are used to support what you are saying. – Summary – Conclusion ~INSTRUCTIONS FOR PAPER:~ – The above format is a guide to organize your paper – Use 1-inch margins. – Use Black color only (no fancy headers borders please). – That paper is to be double-spaced, 12 pt., and Times New Roman font throughout (no extra spacing between headers and paragraphs). – The paper should be left justified and every paragraph indented. – The header of the paper should just have your name and the section. – You are to use page numbers at the bottom of each page. – Cover sheets or table of contents are not required. If added they are not included with the minimum page length req.s. – Your topic can be in a title as in the example – No Reference page. You citations should be in footnotes and follow the Bluebook format. The following references should help you. – – – It is recommended that your use LexisNexis from the NEU library to do case searches. I find it useful to search law review articles for topics and cases first (more likely than not your topic has already been written about). You may uses cases we discuss in class. Access to lib: Listed below – Judges names dont matter unless the case was heard in the US Supreme Court. – Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are important. Also, watch your tenses (past v. present).